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The Augusta homesite of John and Georgiana Molloy

Over the last eighteen months I’ve posted many photographs of places in England and Scotland, and of documents in archives there. Australian readers say they enjoying seeing them. Looking through some video today reminded me that there are lots of people reading these posts who don’t live in Australia or, if they do, they’ve never […]

A wintery update

The beginning of June is the beginning of Winter in Western Australia. The native plants in the garden are coming into flower and there are lambs in the paddocks but the rain isn’t stopping for a while yet so time today to get on with some indoor jobs – like posting an update. Good news […]

Mary Gertrude Birt née Kennedy 1806 – 1846 (younger sister of Georgiana Molloy)

A bit more about… Mary. Georgiana Molloy wasn’t the only one of the three Kennedy sisters to have a difficult relationship with their mother. Mary’s letters to Mrs Kennedy usually describe her difficult financial circumstances. She often sounds petulant but the letters she received back from Mrs Kennedy deal with financial matters in the same […]

A new beginning

I’ve been writing posts on my ‘Georgiana Molloy 1805-1843’ Facebook page since November 2013 but this is the very first new blog on the full website.  The site went live today, together with one enormous posting of all the archives and photographs from Facebook, to make sure that any new viewers don’t miss out on what’s […]