What has kept me going for more than a decade of research? The answer’s simple: there’s always something new to be discovered, something that’s been hidden nearly two hundred years and as each new piece of information adds to the story, everything becomes more clear.
Since researchers and biographers first became interested in finding out more about the Molloys, we’ve entered the digital age and as each year passes more and more old documents become available via the Internet. Even when I thought I’d found everything there was to discover, more kept coming to the surface. It’s possible that some findings may be proven incorrect by future research and new information will come to light so it’s important to continue the work and to share as much as possible.
Here are just a few research moments from the last eleven years.

Heirlooms of paper and ink

18th century writers used personalised, creative flourishes that look so attractive today in our world of word-processing. Here’s one of the old documents in Georgiana’s family archive. Written using the sharpened end of a feather quill, on parchment made from calf-skin, it was signed and sealed in 1713. This close up shows the now hardened […]

A lucky find: April 2015

The wonderful thing about history is that there’s always, always more for a researcher to discover! One morning, during a coffee break two months after my book had been published, I tried some new research criteria and a small but interesting story about Georgiana’s father popped up in the list of hits. It tells us […]