The Gareloch

Georgiana Molloy Bernice Barry The Gareloch 1

Georgiana Molloy Bernice Barry The Gareloch 2

Visitors to the Gareloch have tried to describe its beauty for centuries and each time I go there I feel lost for words. This 19th century description comes close to capturing what Georgiana saw around her each day.

“Whether it be in summer, when not a cloud rests on the blue ether of the sky, or is embosomed in the calm loch, with all nature quivering in the hot, impalpable haze, — or in winter, with a soft shroud of snow enveloping mountain, field, and garden alike, — the picture is radiant with loveliness. Spring has its own peculiar elements of beauty, the first suffusion of the glow of mingling colour, which afterwards pervades the spot. Autumn’s rich mosaic flames over wood and brake, and the deep crimson of the setting sun flushes over sky and strand.”

Annals of Garelochside by William Charles Maughan 1897