The Augusta homesite of John and Georgiana Molloy

Over the last eighteen months I’ve posted many photographs of places in England and Scotland, and of documents in archives there. Australian readers say they enjoying seeing them. Looking through some video today reminded me that there are lots of people reading these posts who don’t live in Australia or, if they do, they’ve never been to the southwest of our state.
So here’s a short video that shows an (almost) 360 degree view of the place where the Molloys’ little house in Augusta was situated, beside the Blackwood River – just behind the large fir tree shown at the beginning of the clip. You’ll see the view out towards the Indian Ocean across the sandbar, then the shot pans round to a view of the East Augusta shore on the other side of the river, and finally looks upstream in the direction of Molloy Island. The local river dolphins were there on the day I took this video in February but I just missed them with my camera.
Video © Bernice Barry