Carlisle Castle, Cumbria

Georgiana Molloy Bernice Barry Carlisle Castle

Georgiana Molloy Bernice Barry Carlisle Castle 1

Two views of Carlisle Castle built in the 12th Century by a son of William the Conqueror, a direct ancestor of Georgiana Molloy on her father’s side. The castle was immediately opposite the block of land where her family were living when she was born, just out of shot to the right in this photograph taken from the Millennium Bridge.

Georgiana Molloy Bernice Barry Abbey Street 1

And a view from the same place looking in the other direction, up Abbey Street towards the cathedral. Georgiana was born on the corner block, owned by her grandparents. The small cream house with a green door was built by her grandfather, George Dalton, as well as the family home next door (near the blue car) which was demolished in the 1960s.