The Molloy diaries online

You can view every page of the Molloy diaries on the website of the  JS Battye Library in Perth WA.

It’s free.
You don’t need to be a member.
You can sit at home and view wonderful high-resolution images of all 168 handwritten pages.

The latest upgrade allows you to ‘turn’ the pages and experience the book as if you were seeing it in front of you. There is also a project inviting you to contribute to completing transcriptions of the diaries if you want to get involved.

Look out for the differences between John’s and Georgiana’s handwriting. When she wrote about herself, she often referred to ‘la Donna’.

These wonderful journals were not available to previous biographers and they reveal so much about Georgiana’s everyday life both in Augusta and at the Vasse (Busselton). They gave me some of the most wonderful research moments of all. You’ll recognise quite a few of the quotes used in my book, ‘Georgiana Molloy, the Mind That Shines’ / PICADOR. 

There are two files, one for each volume,  here: ONE and TWO or just click on the links below and you’ll go directly to them.

Click on Full Screen mode (the little square icon) to get a full size image. Click on the + sign at the top to really zoom in if you want to read in detail. Use the + and – to zoom in and out. Use your mouse to move around each page and explore.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

And thank you, JS Battye library.

Please note that all the images are © State Library of WA.

Please acknowledge the source according to the Acknowledgement Guidelines on their website.