Snapshots from the Georgiana trail

Finding the details in a story that stretches across Europe and from Scotland to Western Australia has meant doing much of the research remotely, using the Internet and accessing digital files sent by email. Seeing something new on screen is exciting but by far the most wonderful times have been visits to explore the places in John and Georgiana Molloys’ lives.

Here are some photographic memories of our travels in Cumbria, Scotland, London, Warwickshire and Western Australia.

Lodes and loads

Old documents fascinate for so many different reasons. Here’s an example of the way a writer’s own world is almost made real again in the words used. This builder was writing to Georgiana’s father requesting payment for materials and work on the family home, Crosby Lodge, in 1807. The amounts owing on this invoice were […]

Tiny details

Minutiae…  Small pieces of information can fascinate.  They don’t usually answer the big questions but they work together in magical ways to bring the past to life.  An individual is placed in a more detailed setting and their world is populated with real objects, against a background of colours and sounds. Even now, for most […]

John Molloy and the Battle of Waterloo

Two hundred years ago today, 18 June 1815, John Molloy survived the Battle of Waterloo. As dusk fell, and after a day of fierce fighting near a country crossroads in Belgium, the men still left alive in his battalion were desperately trying to defend the now famous farmhouse ‘La Haye Sainte’. Lieutenant Molloy was seriously […]

The Augusta homesite of John and Georgiana Molloy

Over the last eighteen months I’ve posted many photographs of places in England and Scotland, and of documents in archives there. Australian readers say they enjoying seeing them. Looking through some video today reminded me that there are lots of people reading these posts who don’t live in Australia or, if they do, they’ve never […]

A wintery update

The beginning of June is the beginning of Winter in Western Australia. The native plants in the garden are coming into flower and there are lambs in the paddocks but the rain isn’t stopping for a while yet so time today to get on with some indoor jobs – like posting an update. Good news […]

Snapshots from the Georgiana trail

Garden door, Crosby Lodge, Cumbria 2011

St Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square, London

A quiet moment in 2011, enjoying the beautiful interior of the church of St Martin, on a visit to follow in the footsteps of John Molloy. This was the day that we found the white marble font where Molloy was Christened in 1786. John Molloy had a long life both before and after his years […]

Carlisle Castle, Cumbria

Two views of Carlisle Castle built in the 12th Century by a son of William the Conqueror, a direct ancestor of Georgiana Molloy on her father’s side. The castle was immediately opposite the block of land where her family were living when she was born, just out of shot to the right in this photograph […]

Abbey Street, Carlisle, Cumbria

Abbey Street is still paved with grey stone ‘sets’ as it was when Georgiana lived there as a little girl. This is the view from near the site of her home, her grandmother’s ‘mansion house’, looking towards the Cathedral at the end of the street. The ancient abbey gate can just be seen, looking very […]

Crosby Lodge, Crosby on Eden, Cumbria

Crosby Lodge was built by Georgiana’s father, David Kennedy as his ‘country seat’ and the family moved in during July 1808. The original building was much smaller, without the large end towers and the roof line was not castellated as it is today. Three different styles of bricks show clearly how the original single bay […]